Hi Harry,
Firstly, I want to say it was an absolute pleasure to
meet you and have you provide your outstanding services
at our recent trade show.

You clearly take pride in your work and all our guests left very happy and with gorgeous shining shoes.

We were all amazed and inspired at your dedication and skill and loved seeing the line ups that occurred.

You not only attracted big line ups at our booth but if gave our sales team the perfect opportunity to talk to prospective customers while they were waiting their turn.

When looking around, there was only 2 other booths that had line-ups and they had Don Cherry and Ron McLean - celebrities.

For you to rival line-ups with booths that had celebrity signings says it all with the impression you made.

There was another booth that also offered shoe shine services and I made it my mission to check on them often...rarely did I see anyone at that booth and they certainly did not attract the crowd that we had. It was all you.

The personalization you did on the chair was outstanding and really polished off the booth design. It was unexpected but further demonstrates your commitment and delivery to exceed customer expectations.

We were extremely proud to have you as a part of our team for those two days and look forward to working with you again.

Thanks again!

Tanya Fowler
Marketing Operations Manager
First Canadian Title Inc.

"Marketers have three choices - innovate and make things happen,
imitate and respond to what happens, or procrastinate and wonder
what happens." ~Tony Chapman, Founder and CEO, Capital

Hello Harry

"The Klein Shine" stand was a big hit at our exhibit booth in Columbus, Ohio, which is exactly what we needed as it was our
first time exhibiting at a trade show. Harry knew exactly how to set it up so that it was easy for us to manage and most enjoyable and appreciated by our customers and prospects; it was a perfect execution, despite the curveballs that were sent our way.

Even better, Harry`s word is gold and he is a pleasure to work with.

JD Stettin
Greystone & Co., Inc

Hey Harry,
Thanks for your terrific work, you did an awesome job! It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Guillaume Drouin Garneau
Chargé de comptes|Account Executive
Biotherm - Clarisonic
L'Oréal Canada

Dear Harry,
I wanted to thank you for your great energy and generosity! It's always a pleasure to have you on board for this event in which we work so hard to make it beautiful and without you it wouldn't be as perfect!

Merci du fond du coeur,

Sarah Blouin
Promotion et événements spéciaux
La Maison OGILVY

Hi Harry,
I wanted to thank you for having enlivened our party at Galerie MX. Our guests loved the experience.

Christina Carvalho
Director, Communication and Marketing
Otéra Capital

Hello Harry,
I hope you're doing stellar and that you had fun at our party! Thank you so much for making our clients shine! :) 

Audrey Ann
Tuxedo Boutique Marketing

Hi Harry,
Thanks again for the service you provided at the MHTA Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Danny Gibbons exceeded our expectations.  He was professional, respectful, engaged with the visitors at our booth and best of all – provided a quality shoe shine experience that left visitors at our booth smiling.  Danny’s presence created a buzz around the show floor and definitely helped increase traffic to our booth.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again and will consider using a shoe shine professional at future shows.

Gary Elfert
Director of Marketing
VISI, a TDS® Company

Hi Harry,
I think the event was great and you fit right in. Your services were much appreciated.
Thank you.

Laurence "Elle" Villion
Customer Relations & Event Manager
Bombardier Aerospace Regional Aircraft

Hi Harry,
It was a pleasure working with you at The World Energy Congress Trade Show. You certainly played a key role (dare I say a ''SHINING'' role?) in assuring our booth's success. Plus we had fun! All in all, an excellent cooperative experience.

Thank you
Ilan Dunsky
Associate Partner
Heenan Blaikie SRL / LLP
Dear Harry,
Thank you so much for your wonderful attendance at our wedding !
What an entertaining and unique service you offer. Having a shoe-shiner at a wedding is not an obvious choice, but it worked out magnificently ! It helped to make our evening just that much more unique and truly our own.
Your actual shoe-shining is impressive, but it is the personalized service which is much more important. Many of our guests commented on how much fun it was. They got to sit in that impressive chair of yours, have your undivided attention and be the centre of attention themselves for a few minutes. What more could anyone want ?
You were truly a great hit, and we appreciate it.
Our best wishes for many more opportunities to work your magic at weddings, and at any other events where people just want something special. That is what your service is: special.

Jean Freed & Aline Deckers

Having Harry shine at our Cocktail Party was an unforgettable experience. At first, I was worried that a shoe shiner would not fit the style of our party, but I sure was wrong!
Harry is friendly and charming, he gives that 'extra special service' all your guests deserve.

Stacey Zerdock,
Marketing Director
Copoloff Insurance Agency Inc

Dear Harry,
We want to thank you for your collaboration at our recent exhibition. It was a real pleasure to have you by our side for those two wonderful days. You knew how to " SHINE " with your warm personality, your professional attitude, and your charming sense of humour. And especially the gift you have of 'bringing people together' . All those qualities helped create the most pleasant communication. And at the same time, you offered a much appreciated few moments of rest to our visitors aching feet, which was also very much appreciated!

Pierre Simoneau,
Vice-président aux ventes
AssurConseil s.e.n.c.
Hello M. Klein
I personally wanted to thank you for your excellent services which insured that our Golf Happening was both an unforgettable as well as a very successful one. Your outdoor shoe shine installation was unique and added to that your charming personality had the anticipated impact on all of our participants.
Thank you, Harry Klein. You added the perfect touch to our day and insured that the event was a great and memorable success. So successful, that people are still talking about it today!
We look forward to meeting you again!

Jean François Poulin,
Directeur des technologies
Invessa Assurances & Services financiers
Harry Klein
What a Surprise!!
Thought we were getting a "shiner" (not just another fish or black eye) - but a whole lot more -
Who would have conceived the idea there would be a lifting of spirits; lightheartedness; and an opportunity to laugh, relax and be amazed.
What a breath of fresh air - Harry's presence was very profitable in more ways than expected or hoped for. His efforts to please everyone were gratifying, if not the least refreshing.
Just great ! Shine on !

Fernando Petreccia,
General Manager
Dear Harry,
Thank you Harry for adding a unique venue to our booth. Mix in your professional attitude, personality, ability to make people comfortable, laugh and we had a recipe which spells "SUCCESS". Not only were our potential clients impressed but so were many other vendors who wanted to speak to you regarding contracting your services for some of their future events. Great work, thank you and see you again in the near future.

Ray Berube,
RHB Enterprises Inc.
Mr. Harry Klein
Harry generated a lot of activity at our exhibit booth, entertaining people while shining there shoes. It gave our visitors time to relax, while also giving our staff an opportunity to discuss business with them. Always energetic and welcoming, Harry has a way of making people feel comfortable, and also interacts fluently in a commercial environment. His kind and friendly nature were a definite asset to our event.

David Poellhuber,
Foundator and Chief of Exploitation
Dear Harry,
Your unique service and wonderful personal style helped my customer "stand-out in spades" at the recent AHQ Conference at the Montreal Convention Center. Not only do I plan to engage you again, but I frequently talk about the memorable event to industry constituents, customers, and pretty much anyone who will listen. Looking forward to working with you again soon Harry!

Doug McCourt,
Principal company
M marketing
Dear Harry,
What a pleasure it was to have you as part of our ‘team’ at the trade show in Montreal in February. I think we were one of the most talked about, and visited, booths at the show.
Having you there gave us a distinct advantage over other exhibitors. First, there’s the attraction of having a few minutes to relax and get off your feet, AND having your shoes shined.
We had continual traffic, and sometimes a waiting line! Next, you are so good at putting people at ease, and even providing some entertainment. Third, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to talk with people in a relaxed setting. A win-win for everyone!
Thanks so much. We look forward to having you on our team at future events!

Stanley Okoro,
General Manager
Fisher International, Inc.
Hello Harry,
Just a few words to tell you that we were very satisfied with your services. You are a polite and courteous man who knows how to make people laugh. The best shoe shine guy in Montreal.
Thank you!

France Briand
Hello M. Klein,
The participation of Harry Klein Shoe Shine at the event of the Insurance Newspaper Congress turned out to be an unquestionable success.
Your kindness along with your charming sense of humour attracted customers to our kiosk. I know that made our competitors very envious.
It was an ingenious idea and that combined with your presence, was just the extra touch needed, to make us stand out.
Thank you very much, M. Klein.

Michelle Desjardins
Dir. Commerciale
Canada Vie.
Just a few words to thank you for your participation in our annual conference. In your case we received a lot of great comments from our delegates, they liked our Harry the shoe shine guy, very personable, funny, great sense of humor and fantastic shoe shine.
It was good to have you with us, you certainly contributed to our success.

Daniel Desjardins,
Senior Director Global Risk Management & Insurance
Bombardier Inc. Corporate Office
Mr.Harry Klein
The RIMS Canada Conference celebrated its 30th Anniversary. We experienced a record number of attendees at our conference, including exhibitors. This year we decided to offer, courtesy of the Perspective Montreal 2005 Conference, the professional services of Harry Klein Shoe Shine for complementary shoe shine for all attendees.
The crowd loved him and truly appreciated the opportunity to put their feet up and obtain a professional shoe shine. His chair was never empty and a line up was ever present, men and women.
Thank you, Harry, for adding to the success of our Conference.

Janice McGraw,
Industry Chair Perspective Montreal 2005 Conference
Hello Mr. Klein,
The idea of having a shoe shiner at our booth were the following:
1-To stand out and be different than the other exhibitors
2- To offer a few minutes of relaxation to delegates (trade shows require a lot of walking & standing around and there are not many places to sit and relax.
3- While our clients (contacts) visit our booth, they would benefit from this service and at the same time it would give our staff a chance to develop a relationship with them.
It was a monstrous success…. Our exhibit booth was extremely busy during the entire event.. Mr. Klein was very busy the entire day. People / our clients, gladly waited for a shoe shine. During the wait our staff made new contacts and solidified our customer relations.
Thank you for for your professionalism, your friendly and good natured disposition, particularly during the long line-ups, and also thank you for your incredible work ethics. But most of all you have the right words at the right moment. You are pro-client and professional.
Mr. Harry Klein, 2 simple words : THANK YOU!

Rachael Lavoix ,
Director of Sales
Hello M. Klein
A big thank you for your collaboration at our company's recent golf tournament. Our guests did not stop talking about you the entire evening. I believe we won't have much choice but to contract your unique services again next year. I will keep your coordinates.
Thanks again

David Henri ,
Associate Vice President Verrier,
Henri Assurances Inc.
Object: Salon d'Achat National 2005 " Sodisco-Howden "
Dear M. Klein,
I want to thank you for your excellent work at the fourth edition of our " Salon d'Achat National ", which took place at Place Bonaventure in Montreal.
Both our clients as well as our suppliers took advantage of your services and were impressed by the quality of your work. I don't think you took a break during the entire event, because there was always a client in your chair. Your professionalism, along with your excellent sense of humour and your attention to detail were greatly appreciated.
To conclude, M. Klein, both our guests and our organization greatly appreciated your service. You were a definite contribution to the success of our event.
Thank you very much,

Sylvie Boisvert,
Coordonatrice, Évènements & Promotions.
CanWel division Quincaillerie
Dear Harry,
Your dedication to shining shoes and giving them the best glow possible definitely made a difference in our event. People would not stop lining-up to get some of your great work!
Thank you for your incredible work ethic and for your constant smile.

Sarah Gosselin,
Marketing Coordinator / Event Planner Atmosp(here)
Communications and Events

To Harry Klein,
We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Klein at our last trade show. The addition of Mr Klein to our booth was an unquestionable success (he only takes up 4 square feet of precious space). Mr Klein is not only a master of the almost lost art of shoe-shining, but also a top notch showman/entertainer. Crowds would gather not only to wait to have there shoe’s shined, but also to listen to his witty and lively comments (never displaced or vulgar I might add!). Our neighboring booths featured services such as a chair massage and magician, while appreciated, it’s hard to speak with your potential customer while they are face first on a massage chair trying to relax, or when they are trying to decipher a magic trick. With the shoe shine you have a captive customer sitting on a pedestal(or throne as some said) with nothing to do but listen and enjoy a luxurious moment.
For a company wanting to add a touch of flair, uniqueness, and crowd stopping fun to there next tradeshow, or company event (golf tournament, holiday gathering, product launch, and employee recognition days come to mind) a call to Harry Klein is a must. The level of service provided by Mr Klein is second to none, his talents as a “cireur” are undeniable, and to boot he can tell a joke, sing, do magic tricks, and most importantly be quiet and shine when your customer needs to listen to you.
Mr Klein will be a reoccurring part of tradeshows, so try to book him before we do, he’s well worth it!

Yvan Lacroix,
Répare-Brise Inc.

Thank you Harry,

I have contracted the services of Harry Klein Shoe Shine several times for our various congresses, cocktail parties and trade shows. At each event our participation was more successful than the event before, largely because of Harry Klein’s, participation. His professional shoe shining skills along with his extensive repertoire of jokes, both in French and English, always made our stand very popular. Harry is funny, charming and very friendly but most of all he does everything he can to help make our events a success . If you are looking for an innovative and charming service that is entertaining and memorable, I recommend the services of Harry Klein Shoe Shine.

Sandra Lachapelle,
Marketing Advisor
Gaz Metro

Dear Harry,

This year again, for the third time, we have asked Harry "Le Petit Cireur’’ to join our Bank of Montreal Insurance team at Le Congrès du Journal de l’Assurance. It is always a great 10 minute experience for our business partners and it is a nice way for us to thank them for their support to our organization when they visit our corporate booth. It is also a good approach to meet new potential advisors. Harry works a long day, has a positive spirit and his sense of humour is appreciated by everyone.
Thanks again!

Daniel Walsh, ASA, CSA
BMO Société d'assurance-vie
Vice-Président Développement des affaires, Québec et Atlantique

Dear Mr. Klein,

On behalf of the entire OGILVY team, please accept our heartfelt thanks for having agreed to SHINE for us during the OGILVY EN FËTE event for The Sainte Justine Hospital...the entire Montreal community came out as witnessed by the more than 3100 people
(record!) that attended.

Carolina La Flèche
Ogilvy Canada
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Good morning Harry,

We want to thank you for your services at our last event. Your professional work and pleasant personality bring happiness to all our customers.
We won't forget to call you back in the futur for other projects.
Thank you.

Dominique Conti
Directrice de production
Idées au cube

Dear Harry,

Thank you for making such a positive contribution to our trade show booth in November.
I believe RBC Insurance created a lot of buzz at the trade show , thanks largely in part to your presence and hard work. We saw visitor after visitor enjoy getting a great shoeshine in our company, and yours. We appreciated the time we were able to spend with prospective clients and the satisfaction we felt knowing we were offering our clients something special.

Your tireless effort throughout the day was remarkable. And you delivered quality work. You handled our guests very well, whether you were bringing a smile to their faces or by letting us talk as much as we wanted to.
I strongly encourage any organization that wants to create a big impact for a memorable event to make you part of its team.
Just like many of our clients, I look forward to my next Harry Klein shoeshine!

Best regards,
Yves Durivage,
CA Senior Sales Consultant Wealth Products Eastern Region
RBC Insurance

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